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"It will be as if we were never there – only better."

We strive to create the most verdant landscapes by imparting a holistic approach to each setting. As Earth's ambassador our goal is to seamlessly unite a site's existing characteristics with the perfect plan.

Nature Dictates Design

A design begins with one's needs, desires. From there we look to Nature. We believe that both Human Nature and Mother Nature are of the utmost importance when developing a new or existing garden.

Plan(t) Perfect

Healthy plants are beautiful plants. Beautiful plants make a garden exceptional. We create healthy, beautiful plantings using a site-specific plant approach.


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"We garden organically — even in pots."


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Jenna O'Brien's Educational offerings

Jenna has been teaching to the garden community since 2005, hosted by such venues as Berkshire Botanical Garden, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Hollister House Garden, Westchester County Cooperative Extenson of Cornell, Ward's Nursery and Garden Center and private lectures to garden clubs.

Saturday, March 21, 2020


10:00 am

Ward's Nursery & Garden Center

Gt. Barrington MA

The art of the container comes from creating combinations that can handle the same environment while making an impact of contrasts and similarities. Whether you want continuous flowers, herbs or even vegetables, containers and their mobility can offer new options.
Jenna’s slides will give you loads of ideas and the basic principles about designing a container; then, you will participate in the creation of one from Ward’s current plant offerings.


with make-up date

to be determined


Education Center at

Berkshire Botanical Gardens

Stockbridge MA

This course, part of the Horticultural Certificate Program, is a unique opportunity to study container gardening in depth.

Jenna uses containers in the landscape to enhance and extend seasonal beauty, produce food and create an authentic sense of place. Learn how Jenna carries out her container designs from functional and conceptual design to pot, plant and soil selections while viewing a slideshow of her latest designs, followed by a hands-on demonstration.

Container Gardening


March 11, 18, 25 2020

Container Gardening


Designing an

Easy-Care Garden

Every garden requires care, yet if you start off on the right foot by learning some simple techniques, your gardening efforts can be very rewarding. Learn how Jenna designs her gardens to be less labor intensive, using techniques she has developed from over 20 years as a professional perennial and container gardener in the Berkshires.

Jenna O'Brien, founder and owner of Viridissima Hortiiculture and Design, uses containers in the landscape to enhance and extend seasonal beauty, produce food and help create an authentic sense of place. In this illustrated presentation you will learn how Jenna carries out her container designs. Beginning with a discussion on functional and conceptual design she will talk about pot, plant and soil selection. The presentation will be followed by a hands-on demonstration and a lucky attendee will win the completed container.

A New perspective on Container Gardening

Bringing Plants in

for the Winter

At the end of the summer, what do you do with all those special patio plants that you have fussed over for the summer months? This class will give gardeners tricks of the trade to protect their tender perennials, house plants, woody potted specimens and succulent collections and to encourage them to thrive during the winter season. Taught by Jenna O'Brien, topics of this class will include cultivation, fertilizing, watering and healthcare. Learn by doing and take home some plant companions, These simple, cost-saving methods will help gardeners multiply their plant supply for the next season's garden.

What we are reading ...

Jenna says: "Please, tell me stories of plants, people, reciprocity, and interrelation anytime.  This novel has re-ignited my passion for our Earth and her Forests. I was born in the Pacific Northwest and a part of me has never left."


Richard Powers



“Jenna, as I watered today I was struck by your genius. You are a truly talented designer, plant savvy, but with tremendous style. Who would think of tearing all the leaves off the good plant to make it match the dead one? THAT is genius. Also, how did youfind the welded tree branches to prop up the conifers at the pool? They look great, as does everything. It is official, you will be doing the pots at BBF in the future. Thank you, thank you.”

Matt Larkin

“I am so grateful to have found Jenna. She is very knowledgeable, thoughtful in her approach, efficient and so artistic. She has really transformed my gardens. She has a complete understanding of my needs in the garden and has wonderful ideas. I very much appreciate her work.”

Madeleine Miller

"Good morning! Just toured the garden and am filled with gratitude for your work and presence. Even though I am a gardener, I need compost and inspiration– new ideas and sisterly attention. The bones of what you did all last year hold strong, much of what we planted is thriving. And I look forward to what is next. That little comphrey is up. The big leaf stuff (Brownwilla?) is coming up. Happy. Grateful."

Suzi Banks Baum

“Jenna is a treasure. She's an extremely knowledgeable plants person, who never ceases to learn about new varieties, different planting techniques and management regimens that keep plants looking their best, as well as the pests and diseases that are always threatening. She has a knack for making wonderful container displays, beautiful as well as productive vegetable gardens and spectacular flower arrangements. She also has a strong work ethic and is tireless in the garden. In addition, she's a good manager of people, who supervises and trains her staff very effectively. Finally, she is a delight to work with, always listening to others' ideas and opinions and inserting her own suggestions into the discussion with thoughtfullness and charm.”

Ian Hooper

“Jenna O'Brien and her Viridissima team have been helping me with our gardens for the last 8 years. It has been 8 years of joy and pleasure. Jenna is prompt, reliable, well organized, always cheerful, and very hardworking. But much more than that she is a gifted designer and a curious and eager learner and explorer in horticultural subjects. She is the best thing in my garden.”

Georgeanne Rousseau

“She adopts a holistic approach to gardening where the relationship between landscape and client is interconnected and harmonious. First and foremost Jenna is an excellent listener. She thoughtfully ponders and considers the concerns and desires of the client, makes suggestions, and is flexible and willing to change direction if needed. Jenna devises creative solutions and follows up with sketches and images of proposed plantings and designs, thereby greatly facilitating the process. Jenna and her crew have a great attitude, are serious and professional about their work and, in essence are a lot of fun to work with. My gardens have never looked so good!”

Rebekah Tressel Wise

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