Scaling New Heights ... or Depths

Hortensia sat quietly in her car for a few moments. She had finally been able to stop crying and ranting. She pushed any thoughts of scale out of her mind. Once she started down that path, there would be no stopping her ranting and crying once again. She was grateful that it was such a long drive to the office. It had given her time to compose herself. She looked into the rear view mirror, viewing her face from several angles. "Being quite myopic can, at times, have its advantages," she thought. Between her thick eye glass lenses and her insistence that eye strain made her eyes look a bit weepy, She hoped that the evidence of her crying on the mountain road would pass unnoticed. When Hortens

Hortensia Has a Conniption

Of all things, it is one of the worst things that she could ever have imagined! No. It just cannot be possible. One of her worst nightmares is happening right before her very eyes! No, no, NO! Noooooooo!!! She held her head in her hands and closed her eyes. Her breathing was becoming rapid and shallow. She squeezed her eyelids together tightly, trying not to imagine the most awful outcome that could occur, but she did it anyway. "Whatever shall I do? Whatever shall I do!" she whispered frantically over and over again, as she paced about and wrung her hands. Her mind became full of fretful and even dreadful thoughts. She just knew that she should have isolated it. It was one of the first rule

Plant Pests (some pests are people)

pictured above Farfugium "Shishi Botan" Hortensia sat watching her Kindle, an episode of Detective Morse. She just adored that program. She sat comfortably, sipping on the cup of ginger tea she had poured from her lovely stainless steel thermos bottle. She could get many cups of tea from just one fixing, rather than having to make a cup of tea one cup at a time. It gave her more time to just sit and be. The phone rang. Sighing, she leaned forward to pause the program. “Another telemarketer?” she guessed. She picked up her phone and looked at the caller ID. She sighed. “Almost as bad. It’s Shishi, Shishi Botan. What does she want NOW?” Short, squat and quite unremarkable, except that she

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