Roots and Shoots

Last week I came out of the woodwork; I started something...I want you to come along on this journey.  I shared with you some thoughts about what I’ve created and what I want to create here at my home in the Berkshires.  This week I want to give you a little more background.  I want to share with you a little more about myself and my history so you can see where I’m coming from and where I’m going.  Above all, what you’re about to read is authentically-me and authenticity is what is at the heart of gardening - Berkshire Style.  Gardening, like farming, is a product of human intention and interference.  Berkshire Garden Style acknowledges this, while delicately paving a path of symbiotic desi

Coming out of the Woodwork

I mostly prefer life behind the scenes, but here I am coming out of the woodwork. It's been awhile since my last blog post, so it's about time to get started again and publish more regularly now that I have a lot more that I want to share! Autumn is a great time for reflection and acknowledging the inevitable change. My garden design work here at my lifelong home in the Berkshires is my passion so much so that I need to share that with here we go! Let's first talk about the way of life here in the Berkshires. It's authentic and entrepreneurial. It's a place where people come to stay for awhile, where art blends with music, literature, nature and food. It's a place where work bl

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