A Pilea by any other name ...

No, I am not speaking of Pilea peperomiodes, although it seems to have become a hot topic with houseplant collectors in the U.S. and abroad. (We'll get back to it in a future post.) I speak of Pilea glauca, or is that Pilea 'Aquamarine' ... Silver Sparkles, anyone? Grey Artillery Plant? I love this little plant, no matter what we choose to call it. It has a delicate, faerie-like quality - a small deep red delicately trailing vine covered with tiny round silvery blue-green leaves, pleasingly mounding and cascading over its pot on its own, or as a delightful whimsical addition to a container mix. It has also endeared itself to me because it has survived for two years in my north and west facin

Who is Hortensia Greene?

She walks up the drive, weaving her way through pallets of seedlings, plant starts, potted trees and shrubs, slowing as she passes the greenhouse so that she can peek inside to view the plant wonders. She sighs with pleasure at the variety of plants in the greenhouse - orchids, banana trees, fig trees, and various unusually shaped planters, with a delightful variety of plant life spilling forth from them. She turns away from the greenhouse door, to pass by perennial beds to her left and a stone embankment to her right, just behind the greenhouse, scanning to see what is in bloom or which new plant is emerging. She then proceeds up a slight slope, and is greeted by several raised beds, all in

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