Hortensia Goes to Class

She looks in the rear view mirror and straightens her hat on her head, tucking in a few loose strands of her hair. She smiles at she looks at her reflection. “This hat is just perfect on me.” She exits her car, slamming shut the car door behind her. Sighing, she mutters under her breath, “Late again!” as she hurries toward the garden center entry. She hopes she looks in command of her destiny, rather than that late person. She has decided that she is not going to ask for directions to the lecture area and pretends to be “just looking about” as she heads toward one of the greenhouse rooms. It is not long before Hortensia hears the clear, pleasant voice of the lecturer over the rows and

Introducing Jenna O'Brien

Hello! I am Jenna O'Brien, owner and founder of Viridissima Horticulture & Design, which I started in 2004. Raised in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, I found my love for gardening as a child. As many a young country child, the great outdoors was my playground and laboratory. My horticultural training began with my first gardening job in 1997. Three years later, I started what became an 8 year horticultural apprenticeship with a master horticulturalist who studied Ornamental Horticulure at Cornell University, having herself grown up on a farm. Alongside my apprenticeship, I received college certification through Berkshire Botanical Garden's Horticultural Advisory Committee, and continue to e

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