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Introducing Jenna O'Brien

Hello! I am Jenna O'Brien, owner and founder of Viridissima Horticulture & Design, which I started in 2004.

Raised in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, I found my love for gardening as a child. As many a young country child, the great outdoors was my playground and laboratory. My horticultural training began with my first gardening job in 1997. Three years later, I started what became an 8 year horticultural apprenticeship with a master horticulturalist who studied Ornamental Horticulure at Cornell University, having herself grown up on a farm. Alongside my apprenticeship, I received college certification through Berkshire Botanical Garden's Horticultural Advisory Committee, and continue to enjoy sitting on that committee.

From this clear and verdant background, I offer my expertise in Horticulture and Garden Design.

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